First and Foremost

The internet is a sticky place.  Every day we feel its pull, its intoxication.  It’s maddening sometimes.  I pull my hair out whenever I think of all the ways I need to connect and communicate nowadays.  You write a book, build a site, a blog, a twitter feed, facebook.  Christ, it’s both wonderful and awful.  And for a new writer searching for an audience, it’s incredibly daunting.

Here I stand, though.  Alone on my digital ice chunk, adrift in a sea filled with predators and ports beyond count.  How do I get heard?  How do I keep it all straight?  How do I entice you to give a shit about anything I have to say?

I’ll be working on it.  Books, movies, music… they’re what we are and what we like.  Luckily I’ve made a movie and written a book.  Soon enough, I’ll begin sharing them with you.  That is, if you care.  I made both out of love and I’m giving them away freely.  I hope you’ll check them out and maybe keep an eye on my work.  There will be a hell of a lot more to come.

Peace and I’ll talk to you soon.

-Chris Sendrowski


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